Agnieszka Stefaniak – Śmietanka – author of the book „Ruby and Saint”. She has been writing since the age of fourteen and this is her greatest passion, as well as being a mother. She says herself that she has never grown up, which is why the world of children is so close to her. She is a professional teacher and since graduation she has had contact with the youngest children. The book „Rubin and Saint” was written out of the need of the heart. It was inspired by the children of the author – Tymon and Igor. Tymon helped in writing and gave his valuable advice. According to the author, the 10-year-old’s perspective is extraordinary and she tried to capture it. She dedicates her book with joy to everyone who loves Christmas, but also to “those whom I can convince today that it is a special time of closeness, the opportunity to show love, to help others and to be just a better person in this enchanted time. „