Edyta Adamczewska – author of the book “Mystery of birth. The lotus birth. ” This is a unique publication for parents preparing to welcome their child. In an accessible way, it presents the results of research from all over the world concerning the child’s awareness during childbirth and the consequences that it has to face in adult life, resulting from the way of birth and the course of childbirth. Although it may seem that the record of research may concern the last dozen or so years, in the book we will find links and references to the methods known to women for millennia. The delicate, legible, sometimes humorous form, sheds new light on the first moments of the baby in the world. A publication for both women in the blessed state, their partners and for all those who want to know how children want to come to the world. The author beautifully describes and emphasizes the issues that need attention. You can say that she combines East and West in one place. She mentions the energies and philosophy of the East, but on the other hand she mentions the need for research and constant contact with the doctor. She shows spirituality and emphasizes the dignity of the mother, the importance of the placenta for the child, but also the responsibility of the parents.