A View through the Soul

The book is the fruit of a journey to Tibet, a spiritual journey in which the author describes his experiences, feelings and thoughts. It is a very personal record from the expedition, showing the transformation of the hero.

We can rarely meet such sincerity, even confession. People like to show themselves from the good side, it is clearly visible in social media, they hide the inferior, worse one willingly.

The author does exactly the opposite – he looks at his weaknesses, touches on painful topics which others would rather forget and hide deeply, especially in such a beautiful place. The author writes about it this way: „To love myself, I first had to be a cold bastard. I made a lot of mistakes, I lost many chances, I experienced many failures, but I made it. Thanks to that I understood who I am. This is my story. Today I am the piece of dust of the universe, but also a man aware of several dimensions in which I live, of my soul and the source.”

The book talks about matters important to us: about love, hope, life, but also about sadness, fear and death. It talks about freedom and slavery of the mind, and also about the soul, about setting our own limits. It answers the questions you ask yourself, but also those you are afraid to ask. Reading this book you will feel grateful that someone has taken the courage to write it, that it does not have to be you, that you do not have to tell the whole world about your shadow. Maybe it was the work of the holy mountain of Kajlas to which the author of the book went, and whose beautiful photos we can admire in the book. This is an important element of the publication – the photos bring us into the right mood, thanks to which the holy mountain can and will speak to us.