Anna Miarczyńska – author of the book „Rumor in the Forest”. It has been created in the spirit of the native culture and knowledge of the Slavs. It is associated with a tradition, that has been denied for years, and is now slowly reviving. It helps to discover the roots of the Slavs, their identity and their relationship with other people on Earth, Sisters and Brothers, with Nature – Mother Earth. It helps to recall the Laws of Nature, which have always been known to all indigenous cultures. For children, the world shown on the pages of this book is an ordinary, friendly world, consistent and remaining in harmony with the children’s natural sensitivity. It is a book for the children who know very well, deeply in their souls, that they are adult beings in fact. This is also a book for adults who have not forgotten that they used to be children, or want to remember about it. This book connects generations, helps to build bonds between children and their guardians, which nowadays is not always easy. In order for our children to grow healthy, they must develop in a healthy environment, they are our greatest gift and responsibility. The book allows us to answer the questions: Do we protect our children enough?  What do we nourish their spirit with? It is seemingly a book for children, but it should be dedicated to all adults.