Awakening the of Lady Fox

„Be both a goddess and a shaman, a mother and a friend, a warrior and a geisha. But above all, in all of this, by yourself. ” This quotation says a lot about the book. Which woman wouldn’t like to be like that? Instead of imposed norms and patterns, pursue your dreams and ideals.

The book shows women the animals of power, describes not only the symbolism, but also the soul of the animals, which can be guides for women. Every woman will find herself in a Roe-deer, a Vixen (Lady Fox) or a Lady Wolf, every woman can learn her strengths and weaknesses, every woman can learn how to fight for herself.

A Swallow, Black Panther, Dove, Anaconda and many other Power Animals reveal secrets to women, showing their potentials and values. Every woman can find her guide among them, but she may also find herself  wandering through life with the help of various animals. It is a great knowledge, once reserved for shamans and witches, now available to everyone, not only women. A wise man will certainly reach for this book if he wants to understand his female partner, or he can discover some of his own feminine energy.