Izabela Margańska – author of the book „The Transmission of the Soul.” She is not a highly educated person, she says herself that she never liked to read, and all she knew about God was that „you have to pray to Him on your knees”. She did not ask existential questions and was not interested in spirituality until she began to hear an inner voice, entering into a dialogue with her thoughts. On the advice of the therapist, she began to write down the words she had heard and ask questions. The book was written in the form of a dialogue, which is why it bears a second title: „A Handbook of the Art of Communication with the Soul.” The author and her soul talk about everything from everyday and mundane problems to the laws of the universe and God. For example, she describes her moving from Greece, where she spent 27 years and return to Poland with one suitcase in her hand, because that’s how her soul told her to act.  She talks about diet and slimming, about relationships with men and her life, and, on the other hand, she quotes the universal laws of the universe, which neatly overlap with human experience. The author considers her adventure fascinating: „I still can’t believe that it all happened to me. Of course, miracles do happen, but not to us, we think most often. The most credible miracles happen a few thousand kilometers away from us, but certainly we ourselves cannot be surprised by anything weird.”