Magdalena Anna Dapczyńska – author of the book „One Life. My vision of the World „and the volume of poetry” The Whispered „. She is a naturopath and medical caretaker, but above all a therapist with a „divine gift”, to whom long queues of patients line up, to whom medicine has left no hope. She conducts workshops under the same title: „One life – my vision of the world”. She teaches others how to develop their abilities, how to help themselves and their loved ones, and above all she makes them more sensitive to the world that is invisible to most mortals.

Since her birth she sees more: organs in the body, individual cells, auras, energies and invisible beings, she lives as if in several worlds simultaneously. She is a dreamer and idealist, following her own path. She is a romantic soul, she loves animals, poetry, fiction, music and art. She writes poems from her early youth, and for her they are a way to convey feelings, worries, longings and a spiritual outlook on the world.