Meeting with the Inner Truth

The book was written to change the point of view, to see, in what’s been happening to us – the meaning, maybe a hint, or even a clear message, how to live our lives from now on. The author, who is a professional clairvoyant, says this about her book: „Each of us has a long and amazing journey ahead of us – life. Why not take a guide on this journey? My book can be such a guide for you. Thanks to it I would like to introduce you to an interesting point of view. If we arrive at happiness due to it, then nothing should stop us from reading. To which I cordially invite you? „ She continues to argue that it is not important whether we have any supernatural abilities, it is important whether we have made a decision for ourselves, if actually and truly we have decided to embark on a journey into the depth of self-knowledge. The author has developed an independent method of personal work and on this basis she wrote a book. Her priority was to pass on all practical knowledge concerning getting to know your inner Self and deepening your knowledge about yourself. „I was guided by the desire to facilitate the path for others and show the process of understanding oneself in the most accessible way, and I very much I hope that I succeeded in doing so.”