„Messages of the Soul”


The first in Poland, and probably also in the World, textbook teaching the art of communication with the soul. To emphasize the uniqueness of the book, we used two types of font to distinguish the words of man and his soul.

The author plays the role of a translator, someone who has the ability to understand the words of the soul. As she stresses, she never intended to write a book, nor did she want to talk to the soul. She says about herself that she is just a normal person with a „talking soul”. The whole process of writing and making life decisions by the author has been described in this book.

In the introduction to the book she writes that she was looking for different ways to find happiness in life, but the workshops did not work, the visualizations did not work, the techniques did not bring any changes. Finally, she has given up everything, she accepted her life as it is. As she claims, this was the beginning of changes within her – the act of acceptance.

The book is written in simple, everyday language and describes everyday situations, which is why it is easy to find your own experiences in it.

The soul speaks of quite versatile things – cooking dinner, slimming, broken knee, as well as the origin of the universe. It is worth to read deeply into this dialogue, first of all – because it is simply very interesting, secondly – the dialogue can become an inspiration for every reader in finding communication with his own soul.

„If we had proper contact with the soul, fear would not exist, there would be nothing to be afraid of.”