74 – A View Through The Soul – Maciej Wiszniewski





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At the beginning I did not know it yet, I did not understand how important my journey was. A few weeks of living in Tibet made me write a book there. It is the resultant of the history of the people I have met in my life, of my own failures, thoughts and the journey around the Kailash Mountain.


Now, when I  am naked in fromt of you, I can feel how the borders of everything blur. Of shame, of „the impossible”; of rules, stupidity, smiles, opinions. Of wisdom, admiration, ignorance, reviled society, foolish society, quick glances into the eyes. People are reborn, not of beautiful things and lofty ideals, but of the most vulnerable, shameful moments which they would like to forget. Often from the mistakes they commited. But we should not deny it, because it is a part of us, we have emerged from it. It were our defeats that strenghtened us, not the suceesses.

My story was similar.  I had to be a cold bastard first, in order to start to love myself. I made a lot of mistakes, I lost many chances, I experienced many failures. But I made it. I came into being. I can say I have resurrected. Thanks to that I understood who I am. This is my story. Today I am a micro dust of the Universe, but also a man aware of several dimensions, in which I live, of my soul and the source.


I believe that people have really been wronged, deformed by their life stories, for which they now have to pay. They have been deprived of their will to broaden their consciousness, of the possibility to accept, tolerate. Now, due to loss of the telepathic abilities, they are unable to understand the intentions of another human being, and this destroys them from the inside. It directs them into the abyss. Today, man is infused with ignorance, lack of humility and with his lust. Our ego is so strong and deformed that we hurt other people, without realizing what we are doing. Ignorance is our great sin, because it pusches us into the precipice of ignorance, where lust reigns over our senses.


Everyday you make choices, between what you feel and what you should feel. This increases your frustration and causes reluctance to life. But not because you can’t make a choice, but because you cheat yourslef. You must learn to live as you feel, as your heart tells you. Because this is the only direction if you want to free yourself from this world. I have to say it straightforwardly. The world today is a sea of sufferning, with small islands of pleasure. You drift on it but you do not know what for, you do not see the purpose. You need to understand, that you are not here, in this world because you deserve anything. You are here for one reason – to learn to forgive, to be sensitive and to learn to be empathetic, compassionate. This is the true purpose of your life. Many people think that our goal is to conquer, to gather. This is the greatest lie of the world. Humanity creates history, overwriting it all the time, triggering new events, with the consequences of which we will later live. By learning acceptance and humility you will experience the purpose of life, which is the key to this (new) world.


Coming back to the book – you know, when I now want to tell you, what it will be about, it turns out that it will not cover one topic but several interconnected. Just as we humans live in several dimensions at the same time, this book will be diverse. It is also the result of questions from the people I have spoken to. The book consists of several areas, that you probably like – that is about love, hope, life, but also about sorrow, fear and death.


I do not know if anyone has ever told you that when you live here on Earth, you are not completely free.  You are are a slave of your own mind and body. You set yourself the limit, the boundary on which you later stand.


The first limitation is your body. The body which lives and feeds on other lives – of plants, animals, birds, and over time a different life will be fed on it. Before you finish reading this sentence, 50 million cells in your body will die and regenerate. It goes on unconsciously, you are not aware of this. At this moment, what you see as a visible light spectrum, is only a fraction of the electromagmetic spectrum. The same is with what you hear, feel, and so on. You are limited because you would not be able to receive any feedback, from the information that you and your soul are sending. Your awareness, perception are also negligible; you do not realize what is going on around you. It’s the same with sleep; each of us sleeps at night, often dreams of something. But not everybody remembers it or can interpret it.  It’s similar with other people, with me too. We can only change it when our intention appears.


The second limitation is the recording of your lives, saved in your soul. Now your actions and emotions are recorded in the body, and partly in the consciousness. When you die, your consciousness will end up in a collection of other, earlier consciousnesses, that are in your soul. Aspects such as acceptance, humility, forgiveness, sorrow, patience, fear, death, are crucial, so I focused mainly upon them. Because, if you manage to cope with them, the remaining things will get self-organized, they’ll even themselves out, even without your participation.


See, that’s how much you know on different topics. At school you learned dates from history, you got to know geography, ortography and spelling of your native lenguage, you can probably even calculate the sine angle of 30, you can understand how important money is in life, but do you know anything about death? Are you not scared by the fact that nobody really talks about it? How should you prepare for it, physically, mentally, spiritually? How should your loved ones behave, approach it emotionally? And what does it mean for each of us? Everybody pretends it does not concern him. People remind of it when they are sick or at someone else’s funeral. But the world is more than that, pretending death does not exist, even though death in our consciousness is the most certain thing to come.


Let’s go on, and what about the soul? Can you say a few sentences about it? What it is, where it comes from? Do you have a soul within you at all? Try to realize, why you know so little about it. Be honest, can you say just anything about it?


People usually do not talk about the soul for two reasons. The first is that many people… sleep and they are unaware of it. The second is, that somebody who already knows that there is a soul cannot fully capture it. For a simple reason. Just as a frog in the pond will not understand the ocean, we cannot describe the soul. But we can experience it – like a jug that can pour a lot of water. That is why it is so important to be open, to proceed in new directions. Meet new people, be in new situations, travel, change living places, read books, go for walks, etc. You know what I am talking about , of openess and change. The point is to develop a habit, to be like this vase, because only in this way you will be able to describe yourself and your soul. That is why readiness for change is more important than the vase itself. And it is not its volume or age, which indicates its usefulness, but the amount of water shed. I mean your experience.


If I tell you that there are other dimensions, you will find that I am talking nonsense, and when I write about it, you will say I am on drugs, getting high. If I write that I have seen the source, you will ask what I can know; and when I describe what it looks like, you will mock me. Well, I understand everything, and I do not even expect you to believe that any other dimensions exist; because you do not have to believe me. To believe me, you would first have to have a description of these dimensions, and then to have a criterion, confirming that it is real. Today you do not have such a criterion, and you won’t find it outside yourself. Therefore I’ll limit my thought in the book to a minimum concerning other dimensions and other worlds.


Another, and I don’t know if not the most important reason why I’ve decided to write this book, is the information especially for you. You can smile, you can  shrug off and say it sounds trivial, but I prefer that you laugh at me today, than I would not tell you what I see and feel, what emotions I experience.  And this concerns both you and me. Let’s think what is going on with people and the world? What’s next? Because what’s really at stake, is a new World that is (is being) created. The change that follows will not be a manifestation of any rapid and loud transformation. It will take place outside the sight of other people, just before (after) death. Separation of worlds will not be spectacular, it won/t take a form of a show. On the contrary, it will happen quietly, where there will be nobody else, except you and your soul.


The worlds are parting, they divide. The world in which you live and are reborn, remains. But there exists (and emerges) a new world, where you can go. People call it differently – 5D, Shambala, the new world, the new land, the Kingdom of Heaven. The old world still exists and it will remain, but only the people with empathy and open heart will be reborn in the new world, not in the old one. Of course, people who stay here, when they are reborn, will also have a chance to move on later to this (new) world, but its character may be already totally different at that time. The Earth may treat these people differently, it may not resonate with everyone in the same way anymore. Many people who stay here, will repeat things that they do not understand, things incomprehensible to them. But they will repeat them even more strongly and in a more conscious way. They will experience the record of inconceivable events, lacking equilibrium. The time has come to create something new, and not to sustain the old. What is the meaning of what we have lived, after all, in comparison with what is before us?