We, as humans, have subconscious desires that our inner child wants to fulfill at any cost. These needs are the overwhelming desire to be loved, to be accepted, to survive and to be safe. I must add here, that from these expectations, other pieces of the puzzle arise, such as the need to belong, to be useful or to feel good about oneself. It is clear that it is very
difficult to achieve all these intentions on your own, relying only on yourself. Hence, most of the human race chooses to fulfill their aspirations through the contact with another human being. Therefore, it turns out to be sensible, in this case, to build the interpersonal relationships, the nicely called by psychology – the interpersonal relationships. In this context, I have been referring not only to the partnership seen as a family, but also to all
kinds of relationships. Because each of them is actually aimed at the same thing. This is achieved by constructing various relationships. Starting with emotional, addictive, partnership, symbiotic, friendship relationships, and ending up with all kinds of interpersonal arrangements.

In conclusion, the need to the build human interaction is the natural human need. Because we live in a world based on the law of duality, it also manifests itself in the relationships. Rarely are our relationships indifferent to this law. Usually, we have a positive or negative feeling towards another person. From the level of these feelings, we decide to build a relationship – its specific type – or we chose not to do it. The very theme of interpersonal relationships is omnipresent annd pervasive in our lives, as it manifests itself in many interactions, ranging from family, partnerships, and personal relationships, to social and business relationships.

As I have mentioned above, the building, forming and creating relationships is a necessity and a great need for people to fulfill their own needs. The type of relationship we choose to build also depends on the moment we are at in our lives. When we are young, we look for a partner to start a family, have
children. When it comes time to build a career, we look more for a partner to support our professional growth. When the children are grown and we are professionally fulfilled, we look for a partner with whom we can share the success we have earned.

Of course, we can relate all kinds of relationships to different areas of life, life partner, friendship, business partner, relationship with children or parents. In this book, I will only focus on relationships
regarding a partner for our life together