79 – YOUR INNER CONFLICT – Renata Engel




The book that you are now holding in your hands was written with one aim in mind, to share the experience of working on human personal development, to understand more deeply what is happening inside and around us. The world may appear to us to be full of difficulties, problems and challenges. But also as a harmonious, meaningful whole. This will, of course, depend on the level of our awareness and the perspective, the angle of view we take.

Knowing the significance and impact on our lives of the way we perceive the reality, I started to look for ways of personal, individual work on personal growth and self-development. I was watching the emotional reactions of my own and my views which I have constructed under their influence. I was looking at the experiences that happened to me. I have drawn certain conclusions from this. I discovered that the point of view and the reactions that we present depend on our level of consciousness. Therefore, it was quite natural that I started to work on expanding the consciousness.

Of course, I am not going to present only the theory here. I would like the reader to treat this theory as an introduction to practical activities. I developed the method of work on my own, and I share it during my own workshops. But it is important for me to give you my worldview, which I hope will give you a larger and broader perspective on understanding yourself, and what surrounds us. It starts to be obvious and natural that we will be willing and committed now to take responsibility for our own lives, and for the decisions we make.

This book is intended for people with an open mind, and does not rank us all in any way – either in terms of age, education or faith. It is for those who have an inner curiosity and a desire to experiment and learn about their psyche, about the so far undiscovered abysses of this psyche.

The view I present here, is the need to accept the following fact: we are all spiritual beings, travelling in the human body. This is our journey. If we perceive ourselves primarily as a spiritual being, it changes our perception, in quite a significant way. It is sufficient to inspire us, to seek creative ways to broaden our consciousness, understand our emotions, reactions and actions based on them. Thanks to this, we will be able to understand the nature of the desire to survive, to feel safe and to experience the sense of security, love and acceptance, which are based on the very basic needs of our inner child. We will be able to understand our internal conflicts – generated primarily by our

In the following chapters I will remind you of three types (three spiritual aspects) of our human consciousness. I will show you what qualities they have, what they are guided by, what tasks they have, what limitations. How they relate to each other. An important element will be to look at the software we take over from our parents – our first external environment. It will be important to recognize clearly in us, what we want and what we need, because this difference will generate internal conflict, which is the leading theme of this book.

As we can guess, the conflicts that appear in us do not foster a sense of happiness and emotional stability. Therefore, it is important to recognize them, and understand how they arise. I hope that I will be able to do that in this book.