Talking to the Trees

It’s a reading that changes views and stereotypes about nature, especially about trees. We have known it for a long time that plants feel, it’s nothing new, that some people cuddle up to trees in the forest and talk to their flowers in the garden or apartment. However, what the author writes about trees exceeds the wildest expectations. The trees have given her knowledge about our planet, they share the memory of our own roots, and above all they heal us. Every tree has its own properties, every tree has knowledge and gifts that it is willing to submit to a man, whenever he wants to accept these gifts, and when he first believes, first of all, that it is possible. Trees teach and protect us, they love us even now, when we as mankind don’t take them into account seriously, flooding the Earth with concrete building blocks. It is a reading full of warmth and love, like the author herself, who took on the task of contacting us with a world so different from our own. The book teaches us how to make friends with trees, how to open ourselves up to the possibility of their healing powers. The power of its message is spreading ever wider, more and more people talk to trees thanks to the cluses and hints of this message, everyone wants to tell the trees something, share the most difficult secrets with them, or get an important answer.