The Stellar Children

„That’s real happiness – to be yourself. The Stellar Children, with their momories, no longer need a reason to be happy. They are happiness themselves and there is no other way. ” This is a book about discovering our stellar identity, about reminding us who we are, and what our goal is. Stellar Children carry in their hearts the Light that radiates through the world, makes it a better place to live.


The world of imagination and hard reality intertwine in this book, just like in the life of the Stellar Children, endowed with exceptional sensitivity and empathy. The book brings self-confidence and trust into one’s own power, helps to discover the potentials hidden behind the veil of false thoughts. The book consists of episodes that can be read in any order, each is a separate story with a moral. Between the episodes there are conversations between the main heroine – Lu, with her friend – the White Dragon. These are inner dialogues that many of us conduct in difficult or crucial, breakthrough moments of our lives.

According to the author, the discovery of  the stellar identity in oneself  is a necessity at a certain point of our life if we want to develop further. However, it is also our duty that we owe to the young generation, who, without understanding the adults, will only remain with a perspective of a rebellion, which we have not seen in the world’s history so far.