„The Civilization of the Souls”

It is a huge portion of precise spiritual knowledge, very practical.

There comes a time when everyone asks himself questions about the meaning of life, or he senses explicit longing, no one knows for what. Psychology describes this time as a „middle-age crisis”, and according to the author of the book, it is a time when we realize the lack of connection with the soul. We have lived half of our lives in this state, so it’s time to follow the inner voice and quench our longing. In what way? Best of all, knowing that we are more than just a body and mind, we should begin our journey into our interior, where we can meet ourselves – our soul.

We all know how hard it is to do it. In a busy and increasingly faster and faster world, it is becoming more and more difficult to reflect for a moment, to have a deep thought, it’s more and more difficult to obtain real knowledge, and more difficult to find real help. True knowledge has alas finelly become a powder, mashed all over again, a slurry, which is sold on the streets, on the Internet, in bazaars and in shopping centers.

Therefore, knowledge resulting from many years of experience and practice is so valuable today. The book consists of two parts: „Lost Souls” and „Civilization of Souls”. The first one talks about the life of an individual soul, its relations with others, the second one widely encompasses the whole mankind, and even extra-human civilizations. This is an important piece of writing, breaking patterns, throwing us out of  lethargy, sometimes shocking. A must-read for those who’re seeking and open to human development.