Soul to Mind: Messages from my Soul

Izabela Margańska


“We define people by what they do, but we should define them by what they feel. The greatest force that we send out into the Universe are our emotions, it is they that guide our fate. By changing our attitude, the world around us changes as if touched by a magic wand.”

“Look inside yourself – that is where you will meet your soul, and later God.”

“We can ask God for world peace, but we can also do something much better for that peace. Every single one of us, as an entity, can start taking an interest in the state of our own soul. Feel where it is, what shape it is in, and whether it hasn’t so happened that a demon’s taken possession of it.”

“There is an exchange of emotions between souls and their incarnations, both positive and negative. When the incarnation is happy, its soul is happy, and when the incarnation suffers, its soul suffers alongside it. This principle also works in reverse.”

“The fact that you exist means that God wanted this. God did not create work so don’t blame Him for its loss.”

“God fulfils our requests very perversely, because it is always once they stop being so important to us.”

Death does not truly exist, there is only the exchange of the old, used body for a new one.”

“An agreement made in the past influences the present, and the suffering of the present day influences the future.”

“The soul is an essential factor in the existence of life, it is what constitutes the difference between a living and a dead organism. In spite of common convictions, all living organisms, even the most primitive, have a soul and, furthermore, they are in conscious contact with it. Man has not lost this ability. The equilibrium of the soul depends on the conscious contact of the incarnation with its soul.”

“Give yourself a moment on your own every day. Sit down and relax your body, relax your mind, silence it, try, as much as possible, to block out all external sounds, switch off the radio and television, put your phone on silent. Allow spontaneous thoughts to flow into your head. Yes, those are thoughts. Initially, when our soul begins to speak to us, that voice is not just similar to the voice of our thoughts – it is identical. Don’t stop any thoughts, not even the most tragic. Believe me there is a reason why your soul is feeding you that thought, so allow it the freedom to blossom in your mind, whatever may happen. This is difficult to do but not impossible.”

“Someone is beating their fists against the door of our heart, so hard that this racket must finally rouse us. Sleepily, we get up and open the door, and our guest says: I am your soul and this is my home, let me in please, I can’t stand wandering any more. And we say in reply: I don’t know you, you have never lived here, go away.”

“Your negative feelings constitute a blockage against the divine energy of abundance. One method for reclaiming the support of God is to get rid of negative feelings. Try this and your success will be guaranteed.”

“You don’t have a soul, your soul has you, it is bigger than you, you fit inside of it. Accepting this truth leads to freedom.”

“If nothing in life works out for you, you aren’t coping and you feel that the entire Universe is plotting against you, you are definitely not following the path of your soul.”

“You owe to your soul the fact that you are alive.”

“One of the first divine laws was generosity – whoever wishes to create anything, must first give something of themselves. The second law, simultaneously created, was creativity – anything new that is created must be a little different from the previous creation. These laws function even today, they are irrefutable and cannot be bypassed.”

From the publisher

We are excited to present you with this extraordinary book. “Soul to Mind: Messages from my Soul” is the first guide in Poland – and possibly the world – that teaches the art of communication with the soul, dictated by the soul itself.

The book’s author fulfils the role of a translator who has the ability to understand the words of her soul. Personally she had never before been interested in spiritual development and she had not read any books on the topic. She is also not appropriately educated so as to easily understand the issues undertaken here. When writing this book, she did not know the teachings of any spiritual instructors, or even their names. She wrote quickly, as if in a trance, often not understanding what she was writing, sometimes crying.

After writing down the “Messages”, she was astonished to discover that this type of knowledge is accessible to people.

The phenomenon of “Soul to Mind” is in the spontaneous writing as dictated by the author’s own soul.

Izabela Margańska, as she herself emphasises, never wished to write a book, she had no intention of ever speaking to her soul and she was not even especially interested in its existence. She refers to herself as a normal person with a “chatty soul”.

In order to emphasise the dialogue between the person and the soul, we have used two types of font in the book. The words written in italics are the thoughts of the person, who is telling her story. The soul’s messages are presented in regular font. The soul’s words are ordinary and simple although not always straightforward, sometimes even shocking, but undoubtedly moving that delicate cord within us that urges us to keep on reading and doesn’t let us put the book down.

We leave it up to the reader to decide on whether or not to make use of the advice contained here.

One thing is certain – we were unable to ignore the knowledge conveyed to us directly from the soul. We have no doubt that the soul could become something along the lines of an internal compass on the life path of each one of us, that we can learn to use.

Since starting to work on this book we are convinced that “Soul to Mind” is a must-read for those searching for pointers in this ever-changing and chaotic world.

Joanna Malinowska

From the author

Ever since I can remember, I have tried to find the golden mean for happiness. I signed up for as many self-development workshops as I could, spending a lot of money on them. I applied all of the tips I learned, I affirmed and visualised my desires, all to no effect. I wasted over 15 years of my life on these methods. From today’s perspective it seems so obvious to me that those methods are flawed. We close our eyes and we visualise, but when we open them again, the world is still the same, it just doesn’t want to conform to our visualisations. None of my desires were fulfilled. The instructors of these training sessions maintained, with great self-assuredness, that this is the right method that just somehow doesn’t seem to work for me. I came to the simple conclusion that I must be doing something wrong, and I tried even harder. And still my efforts amounted to nothing so I was left alone with my problem. I didn’t know what to do until the moment I began to share my doubts with others.

I was very surprised when I discovered that others had the same problem, that these methods were useless. I realised that it was not only me who was having problems. I didn’t analyse why this was the case, I simply gave up on these methods.

In doing so I subconsciously accepted my life the way it was. Back then I was not yet aware of what I was doing. The act of acceptance was the first step on my journey to change, although at that time I wasn’t aware of the fact that the fundamental condition of changing a given situation is accepting it.

I was very lucky; all of the changes that came about in my life were not undertaken by me consciously.

I learned something very important: that, in spite of illusions, we are not masters of our own lives, it is not us who direct them. The only true action we can undertake is to discover the intentions that God has for us, what He wants from us, what our purpose in life is.

To many this information may seem false, they have managed to achieve exactly what they wanted in life. I agree with this fully but the truth is different – their dreams happened to be in line with God’s plan for them.

My adventure with my own soul fascinates me – I still have a hard time believing that all of this has happened to me. Naturally miracles do occur, but not to us, we often think. The most credible ones take place several thousand kilometres away but, naturally, nothing out of the ordinary can happen to us.

The journey leading to my change is described in the articles titled “Conversations with the

Soul” (Rozmowy z Duszą), which are published on the website

This book is also a dialogue with my soul, however, I am not led onto my path, I simply describe the principles governing the Universe and established by God. Understanding them solves many problems and disperses many doubts. The truths contained within are defined in such a way that anyone may understand what they have long-since noticed in their life but failed to understand the reason why it was happening.

I don’t guarantee a miracle, no one can guarantee that. The only help that I can promise on my end is that, through this book, everyone can take their first step onto the right path in life.

I wish all my readers the happiness that they desire.

Izabela Margańska