New Space Publishing House publishes books with a soul. With us you will find only books written honestly, straight from the heart through which the human soul is expressed. The authors describe reality through the prism and perspective of their own sensitivity and personal experience. You will find among them representatives of various professions, different personalities and characters. What unites them is the experience of a journey, about which no guides have been written – a journey inside oneself.

Yes, we have the transmissions that have been received by individual Great Masters living in solitary confinement or long ago, in the distant past. However, the authors of New Space are above all ordinary people struggling with the hardships of everyday life. Everyone does it on their own account and in their own unique style, which is why the subject matter is so diverse. From human relationships with nature („Talking to the Trees”, „Awakening of the Lady Fox”) through traveling („A View through the Soul”), spiritual therapy („The Civilization of the Souls”), conversations with the soul („Messages of the Soul”),  clairvoyant stories  („Encounter with the Inner Truth „) to fairy tale of aliens living on Earth (” The Children of the Stars”).

The concern of ours and our books are not only beautiful words, style and an interesting storyline. The books’ value is the depth of  insight and experience of the authors who express themselves not only through words but also in everyday life: in art, passions, relationships, spirituality or family life. Each of the books is such a guide on the way to knowing oneself. We are convinced this understanding and cognition are necessary in today’s civilization, which has limited man to the mind and body only. You will not find in our books any bloated and inflated philosophy or pretentious instruction, straight from motivation textbooks. You will find heroes similar to yourself, and some words, or experiences – you could swear – belong to you.

The reader receives these books very personally. Why? Because we all travel to the inner truth. The authors of the New Space Publishing House are pioneers discovering new, unknown lands, which in the future will populate with similar, courageous souls.